Welcome to my Homepage

My name is Michael and on this homepage I give you a short overview about my professional work experience in the fields of Software Engineering, Web Development, and Photography.

Software Engineering Background

I'm a software engineer with a diploma in information technology. In more than 15 years of working as a software developer, I was able to build a solid knowledge in software design through my work in various projects.

Those projects include, among others, the development of an internet radio system for the inhouse surround codecs at the Fraunhofer IIS, where I worked for more than seven years. Besides developing a server for Windows and Linux, media players for different platforms including Android and IOS were created. Another project I was involved with at the IIS was the european research project TA2, for which I developed both an app for IOS and a Browser Plugin for video communication.

After my time at the Fraunhofer IIS and many more interesting projects, I joined the HMI department at Elektrobit. Eight years, I developed software for HMIs in cars. It includes the improvement and extension of an OpenGL library used to render the user interface, front-end component development and improvements of functionality for middleware components.

Next, I worked in an automotive HMI project for one of our customers as Software Architect / Lead Developer in an international team before joining the product development department. There I was involved in designing the software architecture for a SaaS virtual testing solution.

Landscape Photographer Michael Breitung in a winterly forest.

Web Development

Since nearly ten years I also regularly work on side projects in the Web Development space. My main projects here evolve around my Photography Business, for which I created a full featured homepage. Here I wrote all the Html, the JavaScript, the PHP and I also created a complete template based build system.

This build system as well as most of my JavaScript libraries are open source and available on my Github.


Besides the afore mentioned activities, I'm also working as a freelance landscape photographer. In more than 10 years I was able to build an extensive portfolio of landscape and travel photos. I wrote several articles about landscape photography and post processing for various magazines as well as my own blog. I also worked - and continue to do so - as an instructor for landscape photography during my workshops.


I was a guest in the german photography podcast Im Fokus. We talked about a lot of topics around photography. If you are interested, it's a good way to get to know me a bit more.